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release date:2016-03-24clicks:publisher:admin

the ninth middle east dubai international plastics industry exhibition was held on january 10th to 13th, 2013 in dubai. the three-day exhibition provided a profound communication platform for both the exhibitors and the general buyer. we sanshun machine was located in the important position of the exhibition hall, you can easily find us. this exhibition is mainly about our new series of machines which is european standard and perfectly designed. it also has many strengths, high efficiency, precision, water-saving, mute, etc. sanshun machine has attracted many customers since the first day of the exhibition. they all showed great interest in our machine and gave a high evaluation of the appearance and properties.

the effective customer we have total met are more than five hundred in 3 days, they were mainly from the middle east regions. we have a good communication with each other and after listened to our explanations they eliminated their original worries. finally, we increased mutually trust and they believed that our machine can bring benefit to them they will place the order in the near future. there was a preliminary estimate, totally more than 30 machines from she80 to she1680 which involves the classic series, m series, pvc pipe fittings series, series of rapid, pet bottle embryo series, etc. there were also many former customers on this exhibition who were satisfied with sanshun’s machine. they said that our machine has many advantages comparing with most other domestic injection molding machine. under the current economic circumstances they are still hold an optimistic attitude towards the india's plastic market and are willing to increase the purchase plan.

in general, this exhibition has been a huge success for us sanshun machine. we have earned the approval and admiration of the customers due to our high quality, high performance, and cost-effective machine. moreover it has also greatly increased our market awareness.