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name:full automatic injection blow moulding machine


excellent quality comes from the strict and scientific production process. in sanshun, product quality is considered to be the life of the company. with continuous importation of cnc and processing equipment of high precision, machinery quality can be ensured and improved.

  • parameters
  • characteristic
  • introduction
model unit ibm560dp
screw diameter mm 42
screw speed r/min 0-200
theoretical injection capacity ml(gr) 300(270)
injection clamping force kn 600
suitable material   pc
blow clamping force kn 90
production rate pcs/h 600-1000
air supply mpa 1.8-3.0
blowing mouth opening force kn 12
feed rod ejection force kn 10
machine weight kg 6000
max.neck size& cavitity max 120mm 1cavtity
85mm  2cavtity
60mm  4cavtity
max.bottle diameter mm 150mm 1cavtity
130mm  2cavtity
100mm  4cavtity
dimension of machine m 4.9x1.65x2.9

● with oil-electric servo pump system,the machine enjoys fast running response,low noise and low power consumption.

● the turntable servo drive realizes fast accurate positioning and low energy consumption.

● special gas path structure secures the machine to run without aerodynamic noise.

● wheel clamping adopts the dual-cylinder moves during pressure boost.the machine runs with high speed,low power consumption and stable operation.

one-step,two-station confi guration,one station for frame injection and another station for blow molding.load raw materials,direct production of the fi nished only need a small amount of labor.

mold structure

● the mold structure without slider solves the problem of wear of the die block and realizes along die life.

● with external cylinder opening the blowing mouth,the blowing mouth passage and the conduction oil passage are completely isolated,which eliminates the phenomenon of blowing of conduction oil.with the special sealing structure between the conduction oil and the corerod.

● the easy-to disassemble mold structure enables the easy and quick replacement of a full set of mold.