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name:tl-vacuum autoloader


excellent quality comes from the strict and scientific production process. in sanshun, product quality is considered to be the life of the company. with continuous importation of cnc and processing equipment of high precision, machinery quality can be ensured and improved.

  • parameters
  • characteristic
  • introduction
model tl-800gn
motor type induction
specification 1.5kw
conveying capacity(kg/hr) 500
static wind pressure(max) 2000 mmaq
filter ø188*
volume of material hopper(l) 6.5
inside diameter of conveying pipe(mm) ø38
external size(mm) main body l w h 700×370×500
material hopper l w h 430×440×295
weight(kg) main body 65
material hopper 6

• the main engine and the material hopper are designed separately,and thus it is safe,easy and convenient to be opperated.

• the whole operation is controlled by microtrip computer.

• equipped with an independent filter,which is very convenient to clean up dust.

• the equipped muffler reduces the noise in operation.

• stainless steel material hopper is light in weight,durable and very convenient for cleaning the device.

• the control box,being designed separately,is easy to be well maintained.

• auto-buzzer will give alarm while lacking material.

• auto-protective device protects motor against overloading.

• the bunker with electronic eye can be installed on the charging inlet of molding machine directly.

• the air revolving dust arrester reduce the clean times of filter is suitable for the grinded material conveying.

• can select two-material proportional valve ,used for new material mixed grinded material using or instant receiving of grinded material.