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name:sm-volumetric type plastic masterbatch mixer


excellent quality comes from the strict and scientific production process. in sanshun, product quality is considered to be the life of the company. with continuous importation of cnc and processing equipment of high precision, machinery quality can be ensured and improved.

  • parameters
  • characteristic
  • introduction
model double-color machine(sm-d)
type sm-d-30/30 sm-d-30/75 sm-d-75/75
output quantity(kg/hr) * * *
motor power(w) 60×2
rotation of motor (rpm) 0~3000
material storage tube(l) 10
outer diameter of screw bar 30:1/30/1 30:1/75:1 75:1/75:1
reduction ratio(mm) * * *
main hopper 标准
stirrer 标准
power of stirrer 0.09kw
voltage of stirrer 3 ø,380v,50hz
main voltage 1ø,220v,50hz
external size 600
weight(kg) 33

• with date ever memory and storage function;

• use dcnon-blush motor,without maintenance requirements;

• micro-computer control,intenllent accurate;

• can meet the requirements of external signal input;

• the screw bar is plated of chraium,is durable and long using life;

• mouldue type assemled structure,easy for mounting and dismounting,convenient for clean and replacement;

• single color plastic masterbatch mixer,its typocal base amounted magnetic iron for three pipe buncker,can saorb metrals,peovent the damage of screw bar of machine;

• the stirrer base are typical double color plastic masterbatch mixer,can meet custmers requirement for two color mixing;

• the main bunker are typical equipment of double plastic masterbatch mixer,the single color is also available.

model sm valumetric plastic masterbatch mixer is suitable used for new material,secondary material,plastic masterbatch or additive automatic proportional mixing.this series matched dc non-blush motor,mix according to pre-setting proportion,through the setting elements of whole-digital mixcro-computer system to convert rotation speed to drive the precision screw bar extrusion material,the erro value is with ±1%,the reduction ratio of this series 30:1,the diameters divided into 12,14,16mm three kinds,the six machine types for customers selection,icluding 0.1-38kg output quantity.the discoloration color doser are availble to meet customers,demands,any two sets of color doser are avalibale.