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name:gsc-water cooled cased industrial chiller


excellent quality comes from the strict and scientific production process. in sanshun, product quality is considered to be the life of the company. with continuous importation of cnc and processing equipment of high precision, machinery quality can be ensured and improved.

  • parameters
  • characteristic
  • introduction
model cooling capacity compressor
refrigerant inlet and
outlet pipe
chilled water
pump power
external size
water tank
kcal/h kw inch kw mm l kg
gsc-03w 7580 2.5 r22
1 0.37 850×560×870 38 180
gsc-05w 13500 4.4 1 0.75 850×560×1040 70 220
gsc-08w 21150 7 1 0.75 1000×750×1100 130 320
gsc-10w 28000 9 1.5 0.75 1150×800×1150 170 400


34400 10.2 1.5 1.5 1250×850×1050 220 420
gsc-15w 41000 13.4 1.5 1.5 1500×900×1200 260 450
gsc-20w 50000 18 2 2.2 1700×950×1200 300 550
gsc-25w 60000 20.4 2 2.2 1700×1000×1300 380 650
gsc-30w 77600 26.8 2 4 2100×1100×1300 / 750
gsc-40w 101780 35 3 7.5 2100×1200×1500 / 860
gsc-50w 121400 40 3 7.5 2300×1400×1500 / 1200
gsc-100w 246000 74 5 8 2500×1500×1700 / 2200

compressor is used "copeland" brand which made in the usa. the inside safety protection can guarantee the long lasting of the chiller well. the pump is used made in taiwan and all parts of cooling system are imported from the usa, mexico. denmark and japan.

equipped with shellpipe condenser and stainless steel cased evaporator, which are quite easy to be cleaned and maintained. equipped with automatic water supply device in the water- tank. air cooled cased chiller with board type evaporator is suitable for the district of lack of water resource and district of poor water quality.

larger than model gsc-20 are assembled 2 sets or 4 sets of compressors, so they are able to used as separate or together to reduce the resource waste.

complete with safety protection and error indication system, including compressor over load protection, pump over load protection, high pressure and low pressure protection and phase failure protection.

air cooled chiller

equipped with figure intellectualized temperature controls, which can accurately measure and control water temperature within the range of 5c-35c.

applied machinery: cooling system of oil temperature, ultrasonic, high frequency machinery. cooling

system of injection molding machinery. cooling system of blow molding machinery. cooling system of extruder.

additional equipment for option:

1. starter of timer switch.

2. large type of water filter.

3. protection switch for prove the electric leakage.

4. cooling tower and pump.

gsc series of industrial chillers are capable of controlling precisely the mold temperature in plastic molding process as so to shorten molding cycle and speed product formalization. the principle of heat exchange is adopted for cooling. they can achieve rapid cooling, stable temperature controlling, and will be little effected by the surounding factors. therefore they are necessary good equipments in modern industry.